The Crabbing Season


 All year round is crabbing season in the Islands! The only difference is, weather you want crabs to make boil crab and dough or to cook crab and rice, and crab soup and dumpling.

It may be hard to find crabs to cook on mother’s day, but be sure on father’s day you will have more crabs than you need!

From summer to autumn is known as walking Crab season, which take place late May/Early June until about the first and second week in November. During this time Crabs become easy prey for the Islanders. The island of Andros is known to have the largest population of land crabs in the Bahamas.

Late May to early June is when Crabs leave their habitats, just after the first heavy rainfall. Also beginning late May until early July is known as the mating season. Late June to early August is the spawning period. It is when the female (s) take to the Pond or to the sea for delivery.

There is no law in place at this time to ban the catching of spawn crabs in the Bahamas, but good judgment is made by many who understand how important it is to allow the female crabs to reproduce. Catching spawn crabs and not allowing them to go through the reproduction process could cause them to become endangered.

From winter to spring, Is Season when crabs return to their habitats. November through early April, they can only be found in holes. This is also the period when they experience physical changes. When their holes are closed up late December through March, is when these changes begin to take place. The first change is, the shedding of their shells, it is when the entire crab become soft. During this time is when rapid physical growth takes place, more so than any other time. When the crabs are back to normal with shells and inner bone structure, they will once again reopen their holes and making ready for their walking season.

In now days, catching and selling Crabs is a very lucrative business for Islanders. During the walking season depending on the size, crab can be priced at $2.50 – $5.00 each. During the stop hole season, from November to early January crabs are purer, and are best for eating.  The price for one crab can start any way from $5:00 – $8.00 each.

Crabbing is a way of life for many out islanders. Every Islander that is serious about the crabbing business, build crab houses, and during the walking season would harvest then for sale.

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