Along with valuable nutrients, vegetables will add color, flavor, texture and a pleasing contrast to other foods of a meal. Careless cooking will make vegetables drab and lifeless, and will destroy the important vitamins and minerals.

Several changes take place when vegetables are cook. The cellulose structure softens, and the vegetables become less crisp. The starch absorbs water, swells, and become more soluble. There are changes in color and flavor, and some nutrients dissolve into the cooking liquid. The principles of vegetable cookery are designed to protect color, flavor, and texture, and to preserve nutrients. The amount of water to be used and the cooking time are important considerations.


• Use only salted boiling water, enough water to cover vegetables

• Cook in small quantity as possible and frequently as possible

• Cook only until tender

• Cook as near to serving time as possible

• Cool with cold running water if not used immediately

• Drain well before serving

• Cut fresh vegetables in uniform for even cooking.

• Clean fresh vegetables thoroughly

• Store and prepare fresh vegetables to maintain maximum food value


• Use excessive amount of water, this will result in lost of flavor and detraction of mixture value

• Add baking soda to green vegetables. The alive solution created destroy the vitamin C and tends to make it mushy

• Overcook Vegetables, yield will decrease, flavor and appearance will be poor

• Let vegetables hold in hot water after cooking

• Cook in large quantity

• Thaw frozen vegetable too long in advance

• Mix new vegetables with vegetables cook earlier, color and texture vary.

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