The words of the late Clarence Bain “Andros oh my Andros” continue to echo within my spirit every time I travel to Andros.

I’m still hoping and waiting that day when the island of my birth will take her rightful place among the archipelago of  islands in the Bahamas.

I know of soo many Androsian who would like to return back home, but can’t see themselves returning to a place where there is so little or no livelihood.

My questions are: What do islands such as Grand Bahamas, Abaco, or Exuma, has that Andros doesn’t? And why is there reluctance by governments past and present, to encourage foreign investors, to develope and do business in Andros?

Can someone, anyone, please help me with answers to the above questions?


My Story Cont’d

The one thing I’m never going to give up is cooking! Even as a retired professional chef I still do some cooking. I conclude that weather cooking is ones profession or just a side kick; everybody knows how to cook something, and will never deliberately give it up.

The transition from a fulltime executive chef to a fulltime Pastor was very interesting. Letting go of something that you love is very hard. Especially when you made up in your mind that it will be your life long profession until you would have reach retirement.

As a child around 5 yrs to 7yrs old, my dream was to become a Pastor. But after becoming an adult, and how seen over the years how Pastors were treated by many, my desire then changed.

After becoming a Christian and being prophesied to concerning the call of God to the pastorate, from that moment on I begin to live in denial.  I could not see myself as a pastor especially not accomplishing my dream of become an Executive Chef!

Running from destiny is a serious thing!

This is indeed the best Season for Crab N Dough




2 cups Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

¼ tsp Salt

¾ cup Water (room temperature)

6 Crabs (wash properly)

1 cup Water

½ tsp salt

Hot pepper (optional)

Wild yam, potato or cassava optional



Combine flour, baking powder and salt, mixed with water. Make a firm dough. knead well and allow to rest 10 minutes.

In a large size pot add a cup of water seasoned with salt, add Pepper, and bring to a boil then add to the boiling water if desired  yam, potato or cassava.

Flatten dough and place over the crab. Cover the pot, boil on medium heat 20 – 25 minutes without opening the pot. (Open pot when all water is dried up.)