My Story

Born in the Island of Andros (the Island of the Holy Spirit), Bahamas. l am the second of fourteen siblings. Three months afrer birth l was adopted by my paternal great grandmother. Life for me as a child was very hard. I attended Mastic Point all age (ten-grades) school, but only made it as far as the ninth grade. The peer pressure became unbearable! Going to school bare footed at the age of twelve and beyond was demoralizing and was a cause for the lack of self esteem as I had to walk more than two miles a day to and from school. The typical lunch at that time was one of either, homemade bread and butter, Pancake (Panni Cake), Coconut and bread or Sapodilla and bread. Any of which that was chosen for that day, was packed in a brown bag – called “greasy bag”. The other alternative to this was to walk hurriedly home at lunch time for a home-cooked meal.

After leaving school at the age of fifteen and a half without gratuating, the future looked bleak. The only job offered in the island at the time was; Crabbing, Fishing, Farming, Plumbing or Construction. As the saying goes I became a “jack of all trade” and master of none. Yes, believe it or not from time to time I worked them all! The only thing that kept me motivated was my mission to prove my grandfather wrong. After leaving school at such a young age he continuously told me I would never amount to anything.

To prove all of my critics wrong, including granddad, I traveled to Grand BahamaIsland in pursuit of a better way of life, where I was employed at the Jack Tar Hotel and Villas. For about six to nine months I worked as a Busboy but soon realized it was not what I really wanted to do. In fact, at this time in life I didn’t really know what it was I wanted to do except to acquire a good paying job.  I later requested a transfer into the kitchen department where settled for a while.

Although employed as an apprentice chef, I had many aspirations. It was my dreams that kept me searching for ways to educate myself, so that I would be ready when the opportunity came for promotion. As a young person with loads of free time, I decided to enroll in a few home-study institutions. These included ICS (InternationalCorrespondingSchool) and Cornell University. After completing my corresponding studies at these institutions, I relocated to New Providence Island, Bahamas to further my studies in Accounting, Business, Math and English.

While studying at Smith’s BusinessCollege where I obtained a diploma in Accounting 2, Business, Math and English, I continued working in the hospitality industry as a cook. At the end of my studies, and feeling so proud of my accomplishments, I was now ready to seek employment in the Banking Industry only to be told that to leave the hospitality industry would be a mistake.

Isn’t it amazing how some folks can see in you what you can’t see in yourself? It was the Executive Chef under whom I did my apprenticeship which saw the hidden talent in me and not only encouraged me, but promoted me to the third position in the Kitchen Department. I then settle myself and made the decision to become the greatest chef the Bahamas had ever seen. It bishop 1a 4was at this time I made up my mind to prove to everyone that I was capable of anything and therefore took advantage of every opportunity made possible to me.

As a result of my tenacity during my career, I had the good fortune of traveling extensively to many countries such as; England, France, Ireland, Iceland, Mexico, Cuba, and numerous States in North America. Not to mention having the opportunity to receive employment in Switzerland and the awesome privilege to participate in international culinary exhibitions.

Between 1976 & 1988 my dream to become the number one Executive Chef began to materialize, and in 1983 I became the first Bahamian to be certified as “Working Chef” and in 1988 became the first Bahamian to be certified as Executive Chef.

There is so much more to my story that will explain how I became an Apostle of the Lord Jesus and the General Overseer of Final Hour Apostolic Ministries but for now I will end with this, the road to the top is never easy, and it is always under construction!